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aek shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: something that is done for a particular purpose.
As president of the students, his first action was to bring back school dances.
act, activity, deed, execution, labor, operation, practice, work
similar words:
effort, endeavor, enterprise, feat, move, movement, process, progress
definition 2: (usually plural) way of acting or behaving.
As a teacher, her actions are not acceptable.
behavior, conduct
similar words:
bearing, manner, posture
definition 3: a movement or series of movements.
The language students are learning words for various actions such as jumping, waving, pointing, and skipping.Actions of the body combine with speech to communicate meaning.
definition 4: lively or intense activity.
I like movies with a lot of action.
activity, energy, excitement, force
similar words:
adventure, dash, intensity, movement, snap, vigor
definition 5: the manner of a mechanism's moving or operating, or the mechanism itself.
The action of the clock fascinated the little boy.
functioning, mechanism, motion, movement, operation
similar words:
act, apparatus, behavior, engine, gear, performance
definition 6: fighting that occurs during a war.
The new soldiers saw action soon after they arrived.
battle, combat, conflict, fighting
similar words:
engagement, warfare
derivation: actionless (adj.)
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