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noun, adjective, verb
side by side
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: one of the surfaces of an object.
Every side of a cube is the same size.
definition 2: a surface of an object that is not the top or bottom.
I bumped the right side of your car while I was parking.
definition 3: one of the lines forming the border of a geometric shape.
A triangle has three sides.
definition 4: the right or left half of a human or animal body.
He rolled over onto his side.
definition 5: the area to the right or left of a center point or line.
The clarinet players sit on the left side of the stage.
definition 6: the area that is away from the middle of a particular space or that forms or is near the border of it.
The football player ran up the side of the field.The boy moved to the side of the driveway to avoid the car.Those who were not dancing stood along the side of the dance floor.
definition 7: one of the ways a thing appears or is understood.
They each told a different side of the story.
angle, aspect
similar words:
definition 8: one of two opposing groups or opinions.
Are you on my side in this argument?
definition 9: one half of a family in relation to its history.
She is a cousin on my father's side.
phrase: side by side
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: at, on, towards, or from a side.
The people came in through the side doors.
lateral, sideways
similar words:
definition 2: added to, or along with, the main part.
She ordered steak for supper and salad as a side dish.Sleepiness is a side effect of some cold medicines.
similar words:
additional, auxiliary, lesser, minor, related, subordinate
part of speech: verb
inflections: sides, siding, sided
definition: to join one person or group of people that is against another person or group of people.
I sided with her because I thought she was right.
team up
similar words:
band, cooperate, join, support, unite
Word Builder: side +
  • siding1:
    covering for the outside of a house.
  • siding2:
    railroad tracks off the main line.
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