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noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: soft, white flakes of ice that fall from the sky to the earth. Snow is formed when water in the upper air freezes into crystals.
definition 2: a layer or collection of such flakes that have fallen to the ground.
The snow on the mountain tops shone in the sun.
definition 3: a storm during which such flakes fall; snowstorm.
No one will ever forget the big snow of 1996.
part of speech: verb
inflections: snows, snowing, snowed
definition 1: to fall as snow.
It snowed last night.
definition 2: to cover, close, or block with snow (usually followed by "in," "under," or "over").
The blizzard snowed them in for two days.
Word Builder: snow +
  • snowball:
    a ball made of snow.
  • snowfall:
    the amount of snow that falls.
  • snowman:
    large balls of snow made to look like a person.
  • snowstorm:
    a storm in which a lot of snow falls.
  • snowy:
    full of snow.
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