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parts of speech:
verb, noun
stand for
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part of speech: verb
inflections: stands, standing, stood
definition 1: to get in or be in a position on one's feet (often followed by "up").
The teacher told the class to stand up.
similar words:
arise, erect, rear, rise
definition 2: to be or stay in an upright position.
The old water tower is still standing after all these years.
similar words:
arise, grow, mount, rise, straighten
definition 3: to remain in effect.
Our offer will stand for another week.
hold, remain
similar words:
abide, continue, endure, exist, last, obtain, persist, rest, stay
definition 4: to be located somewhere.
The church stands in the valley.
be, lie, sit
similar words:
place, rank, rest
definition 5: to hold to an opinion or attitude.
I stand on my record.
similar words:
adhere to, declare for, defend, hold out, persist, sanction, stick to, uphold
definition 6: to cause to be in an upright position.
Stand the ladder by the house.
similar words:
erect, lift, place, position, put, rear, right, set
definition 7: to put up with.
He can't stand it when she is late.
bear, take, tolerate
similar words:
abide, brave, deal with, face, stomach, suffer, sustain, weather, withstand
definition 8: to have to go through.
He is standing trial for robbery.
similar words:
confront, experience, face, meet, submit to, suffer
phrase: stand for
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an ending of activity.
The group came to a stand at the bus stop.
halt, stop
definition 2: a place where something or someone stands.
The guard took his stand at the gate.
position, station
definition 3: a determined attitude or position.
We must take a stand on this issue.
point of view, position
definition 4: a raised platform.
A band played on the stand.
definition 5: a counter, stall, or movable shop where customers can walk up and buy things. A stand is usually outdoors.
There's a hot dog stand in the park that sells really good hot dogs.
booth, stall
definition 6: a witness stand in court.
The witness took the stand and gave her testimony.
definition 7: a table or rack for holding a certain thing.
He looked over the magazine stand in the waiting room.Her clock is on a night stand by her bed.
holder, rack
definition 8: (plural) the seats at a playing field or stadium.
We walked through the stands to find our friends.
bleachers, grandstand
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