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sr praIz [or] s praIz
parts of speech:
verb, noun
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part of speech: verb
inflections: surprises, surprising, surprised
definition 1: to catch (someone or something) off guard; act upon without giving any warning.
He surprised her with a kiss.The blizzard surprised the whole town.
similar words:
amaze, catch, startle
definition 2: to cause a feeling of wonder in; amaze.
Vicky's ability in chess surprised us.
amaze, astonish, astound, bowl over
similar words:
awe, floor, shock, stagger, startle, stun
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of surprising.
We are planning a big surprise for my mother on Mother's Day.
definition 2: the state of being surprised, astonished, or struck with wonder.
He could not hide his surprise at seeing his old enemy after so many years.
amazement, astonishment
definition 3: that which brings about such a state.
Winning the lottery was a surprise.
definition 4: something that happens that is not expected.
Tell me what your plan is because I hate surprises.
similar words:
derivations: surprisedly (adv.), surpriser (n.)
Word History
When it entered the English language from early French, surprise meant "to overtake."
Word Builder: surprise +
  • surprised:
    showing surprise.
  • surprising:
    causing surprise.
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  emotion, fear
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