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ae dp teI shn
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act or process of changing or adjusting something to fit in a new role or context.
The adaptation of the novel took two years of hard work, but the film turned out to be a great success.
accommodation, adjustment
similar words:
change, shaping
definition 2: the result of such an act or process.
We enjoyed the film adaptation of the play.
similar words:
arrangement, change, shaping, version
definition 3: a particular change in the body of a living thing that helps the animal or plant to survive under new conditions. An adaptation happens over a very long time.
Waterproof feathers is one of this bird's adaptations.
definition 4: in biology, the process of change in a living thing, over time, resulting in it being better able to survive and multiply.
Animal species that were successful in adaptation were able to survive in the colder climate.
derivations: adaptational (adj.), adaptationally (adv.)
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