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part of speech: verb
inflections: adds, adding, added
definition 1: to put on or with something else to make larger or better.
The soup tasted better after I added salt and pepper to it.
deduct, discount, remove, subtract, take
similar words:
affix, annex, attach, combine, connect, join, tack on, tag, unite
definition 2: to find the sum of (often followed by "up").
Now that you have all the numbers, you need to add them up to get the final answer.Adding fractions is harder than adding whole numbers.
sum, tally, total
similar words:
count, number, ring up, score
definition 3: to say or write more than what has been said or written.
I thanked them and then added that I had had a good time."Say hello to your sister for me," she added before folding up the letter.
tack on
delete, remove
similar words:
affix, annex, tag
definition 4: to perform the mathematical operation of addition.
My little brother is just learning how to add.The mistake was that you added instead of subtracting.
similar words:
definition 5: to make the correct total or expected result (often followed by up).
9 and 9 and 9 add to 27These numbers don't add up, so you must have made a mistake.
similar words:
compute, reckon, tally
definition 6: to increase (followed by to).
The children's screaming added to the confusion.
similar words:
Homophone Note
The words add and ad sound alike but have different meanings.
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