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parts of speech:
noun, verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a connected series of railroad cars.
similar words:
express, monorail, rail, railroad, railway, subway
definition 2: a long, moving line of animals, persons, or vehicles.
The train of horses climbed the hill.
caravan, procession
similar words:
column, file, parade
definition 3: an organized series of things, especially thoughts and ideas.
He lost his train of thought when the phone rang.The teacher said the student's essay showed a clear train of thought.
series, succession
similar words:
chain, row, run, sequence
definition 4: a long part of a gown or robe that trails behind the person wearing it.
The bridesmaids walked behind the bride, carrying the long train from her gown.
similar words:
part of speech: verb
inflections: trains, training, trained
definition 1: to teach skills or actions.
He trained his dog to heel.
break in
similar words:
coach, discipline, domesticate, drill, instruct, qualify, school, teach
definition 2: to instruct.
The chess players were trained by a master.
coach, school
similar words:
break in, discipline, drill, instruct, practice, prime, qualify, teach, tutor
definition 3: to make fit through a program of exercise and diet.
The coach trained him for the big race.
coach, condition
similar words:
prepare, prime, ready, work
definition 4: to cause to take a particular shape or form.
I can't seem to train my hair to curl.
condition, get
similar words:
force, make
definition 5: to prepare oneself to be in an athletic contest.
She trained for the Olympics.
similar words:
exercise, practice, prepare
derivation: trainable (adj.)
Word History
The word train comes from a Latin word that means "to pull or draw."
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