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verb, noun
tread water
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phrase: tread water
part of speech: verb
inflections: treads, treading, treaded, trod, trodden
definition 1: to step or walk on, in, or along.
We tread the leaves as we walked the forest path.
definition 2: to crush or press down with, or as if with, the feet.
Don't let the dog tread the flowers in your garden.
definition 3: to move on foot; step or walk.
Treading through the puddles, I soaked my shoes.
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act, manner, or sound of stepping or walking.
He is a big man who walks with a heavy tread.I heard his tread in the hall before I saw him.
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definition 2: a surface on which one steps, such as the horizontal surface of a stair.
I fell down the stairs because my foot missed a tread.
definition 3: that which touches the ground in walking, such as the sole of the foot or shoe, or in rolling, such as the outer surface of a tire or the belt around the wheels of a tank.
The treads of my sneakers are filled with mud.The tread of the tractor crushed the stones in its path.
definition 4: the pattern of grooves on a tire, or the depth of the grooves.
There wasn't much tread left on the tire.
derivation: treader (n.)
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