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parts of speech:
verb, noun
out of turn, take turns, turn over
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part of speech: verb
inflections: turns, turning, turned
definition 1: to cause to move around a center point.
Turn the key in the lock to open the door.
pivot, rotate, wheel
similar words:
crank, move, roll, round, spin, swing, swirl, swivel, twirl, twist, whirl, wind
definition 2: to cause to shift from one side to the other by moving in a circle.
She turned the plant toward the sun.
similar words:
deviate, divert, roll, rotate, shift, swivel
definition 3: to change the course or direction of.
Turn the car left.
similar words:
angle, avert, bend, divert, swerve, tack
definition 4: to change the position of by moving in a circle or by moving in reverse.
He turned his desk toward the window.
reverse, shift
similar words:
avert, flip, invert, move, overturn, pivot, roll, rotate, swivel, tip
definition 5: to change the nature, character, or color of.
The change of season turned the leaves many colors.
change, convert, transform
similar words:
alter, modify
definition 6: to cause to feel sick.
That scary movie turned my stomach.
similar words:
sour, upset
definition 7: to direct toward.
After music, she turned her attention to art.
similar words:
apply, avert, dedicate, devote, direct, put
definition 8: to send out, let go, or drive away.
He turned the cat out on the street.
similar words:
boot, bounce, discharge, dismiss, drive, eject, expel, free, loose, oust, send
definition 9: to cause to have a bad feeling about.
He turned the dog against me.
similar words:
bias, influence, persuade, prejudice, set
definition 10: to change one's direction.
At the next corner, you turn left.
veer, wheel
similar words:
back, bear, bend, roll, swerve, twirl, twist, whirl
definition 11: to change to a new state or condition.
His face turns red when he gets hot.This milk is turning sour.
similar words:
alter, change
definition 12: to make sour or ferment.
The warm weather turned the milk.
ferment, sour
similar words:
curdle, spoil
definition 13: to change in one's sense of loyalty or closeness with others.
He turned away from his friends.
similar words:
desert, remove
definition 14: to seek help or support from (followed by "to").
In times of trouble, he turns to me.
similar words:
appeal, resort
part of speech: noun
definition 1: the act of turning.
With a few turns of the dial, he opened the safe.
similar words:
circuit, eddy, pivot, roll, serve, spin, twist, whirl, wind
definition 2: a change of direction, position, or condition.
The truck made the turn at a slow speed.My life has been taking a turn for the better.
movement, shift
similar words:
swerve, switch, twist
definition 3: a complete revolution of a wheel or other round object.
Tighten the screw by giving it a few clockwise turns.
similar words:
cycle, roll, round
definition 4: an angle, bend, or curve.
There are many turns in the path.
bend, curve, hook
similar words:
arc, arch, corner, crook, loop, oxbow, twist, warp, zigzag
definition 5: a point in time that marks the beginning of a new or different period.
We had a party to celebrate the turn of the century.
similar words:
crossroad, dawn
definition 6: an action or service that is given.
She did him a good turn.
similar words:
act, action, courtesy, deed, favor, harm, hurt, injury, kindness, wrong
definition 7: a chance for an action to be done in a certain order.
It is your turn to do the dishes.
similar words:
chance, crack, go, move, opportunity, say, shift, spell, time, try, whack
definition 8: a short trip or tour.
We took a turn down the street.
jaunt, ramble, spin, stroll, walk
similar words:
constitutional, drive, excursion, hike, promenade, ride, tramp
phrase: out of turn, take turns, turn over
Word History
Turn comes from tornare, which means "to turn on a lathe." This Latin word comes from tornos, an ancient Greek word that meant "tool for drawing circles."
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