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yu nik
Language Note, Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: being the only one of its type; sole; single.
Everyone's fingerprints are unique.
lone, single, sole, solitary
similar words:
distinctive, exclusive, individual, special, specific
definition 2: having no equal; different from everything else.
Neil Armstrong was unique in being the first human to walk on the moon.
similar words:
characteristic, exceptional, singular
derivations: uniquely (adv.), uniqueness (n.)
Language Note
What is unique about the word unique? It comes from a Latin word meaning "one," and it means "having no equal" or "being the only one of its type." If something is unique, it cannot be "quite unique," "very unique," or "most unique"--it either is unique or it is not. The sweater Aunt Aggie knit for you is unique--it's one of a kind. The platypus's nose is unique--no other animal has such a snout. If you're not sure whether something is, in fact, unique, try "special" or "unusual" to describe it.
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