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parts of speech:
adverb, preposition, adjective, noun, verb
be up to
part of speech: adverb
definition 1: to, toward, at, or in a higher place or position.
The plane flew up among the clouds.We climbed up to the second floor.
below, down
similar words:
definition 2: to or in an upright position.
We put the Christmas tree up last night.
similar words:
definition 3: out of bed.
We got up early.
definition 4: above the horizon.
The sun came up at six in the morning.
definition 5: to or at a higher level or amount.
He is moving up at work.The price of shoes is going up.
definition 6: entirely; completely.
I filled up my glass.Button up your coat.
definition 7: from below a surface.
A few flowers came up.
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: to, at, or toward a higher point on or in.
The train headed up the hill.
definition 2: at or toward a point further ahead on or in.
She skipped up the path.
definition 3: toward the source of.
They went exploring up the river.
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: going upward.
Take the up staircase to my office.
similar words:
definition 2: being at a higher level than before.
His temperature is up, and he has to stay in bed.
definition 3: finished; ended.
He'll pay me when the week is up.
definition 4: being in an upright or vertical position.
The tent is up now.
similar words:
definition 5: (informal) taking place; happening.
What's up at the neighbor's house?
definition 6: above ground.
The summer crops are up.
definition 7: in a state of activity, operation, or being ready.
I'm excited now that my new computer is up.
similar words:
definition 8: in the air.
The kite fell to the ground, but now it's up again.
definition 9: under consideration; in view.
Is your idea up for discussion?
definition 10: over; finished.
Your time is up.
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an upward course or movement.
His health is on the up.Life is full of ups and downs.
definition 2: an upward slope; rise.
part of speech: verb
inflections: ups, upping, upped
definition: to make better.
What will up our chances of winning?
phrase: be up to