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parts of speech:
verb, noun
walk away with, walk of life, walk off with
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part of speech: verb
inflections: walks, walking, walked
definition 1: to move at a steady pace by steps.
I walked to the bank.The baby can walk now.
similar words:
amble, go, move, pace, plod, step, stride, stroll, trudge
definition 2: to travel on foot for exercise or fun.
He walks in the park after work.
similar words:
hike, roam, stroll, tramp, trek, wander
definition 3: to move over, through, on, or upon by walking.
She walks the fields.
similar words:
pace, ramble, roam, tramp, trudge, wander
definition 4: to cause or help to walk.
He walked the dog.
similar words:
drive, move
definition 5: to lead or go with on foot.
He walked her home after the party.
accompany, escort, lead
similar words:
guide, usher
phrase: walk away with
part of speech: noun
definition 1: an act or instance of walking for exercise or fun; stroll.
Let's take a walk after dinner.
hike, stroll
similar words:
constitutional, march, promenade, ramble, trek, turn
definition 2: a particular style or rate of walking.
The toddler's wobbly walk made us smile.
gait, step, stride
similar words:
bearing, carriage, pace
definition 3: distance measured in terms of time needed for walking.
My house is an hour's walk from here.
similar words:
definition 4: a path, sidewalk, or other area for walking.
We shoveled the walk leading to the door.
path, sidewalk
similar words:
crosswalk, promenade, trail, way
phrase: walk of life, walk off with
derivation: walkable (adj.)
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  animal, crustacean, exercise, foot, pet, transportation