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wIm zih kl
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: characterized by or resulting from a whim or fancy.
He had to admit that it was a whimsical decision, not based on any clear logic or need.The design of this vast mansion was whimsical, with its numerous odd turrets, balconies, and towers.Punishments meted out by the tyrant were whimsical and had little to do with the severity of the crime.
antic, arbitrary, fanciful
similar words:
chimerical, fabulous, fantastic, imaginative, notional, outlandish, unpredictable, visionary
definition 2: given to acting upon one's whims or fancies; capricious.
Every request of this whimsical ruler, no matter how outlandish, was carried out without question.
similar words:
capricious, eccentric, flighty, impulsive, unpredictable
definition 3: slightly odd or amusing in a uniquely imaginative way; fanciful; quaint.
This whimsical teapot in the shape of a bunny holding a carrot was her favorite.
fanciful, quaint
similar words:
amusing, cute, imaginative, quirky
derivation: whimsically (adv.)