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kae rk tr
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: all those things that make a person, place, or thing different from others.
This neighborhood has a friendly character.He has an honest character.
attributes, essence, nature, personality
similar words:
air, characteristics, complexion, disposition, features, individuality, reputation
definition 2: strong moral qualities.
We expect character in our leaders.
backbone, integrity, morality
similar words:
courage, honesty, honor, strength
definition 3: a person in a story, play, or movie.
Many actors have played the character of Hamlet in Shakespeare's play.
similar words:
antagonist, player
definition 4: a letter or symbol used in an alphabet or in mathematics.
"B," "z," and "5" are all characters.
similar words:
figure, letter, mark, number, symbol
definition 5: (informal) someone who is considered odd or peculiar.
What a character!
similar words:
crank, nut, oddity
definition 6: a person, in relation to certain qualities.
He is a strange character, smiling one minute and angry the next.
similar words:
fellow, individual, man, person, woman
Word Builder: character +
  • characterize:
    to describe a person's character.
  • characteristic:
    a particular quality of a person or thing.
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