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Robert Q. Parks, President

Lexicography, Writing, and Editing

Lynn Broquist, Senior Editor

Jean Callahan, Editor

Betsy Cowdery, Writer and Illustrator

Crystal Dennis, Writer

Interface Design and Graphic Arts

Andrea Ospina, Graphic Artist

Jill Hoffman, Graphic Artist

Angela Zhang, Design


Anatoly Popikhin, Senior Programmer

Erik Williams, Programmer

Ilya Burnashov, Programmer


Cecilia Chapa, Spanish Translator

June Locke, Content Writer

Cheryl Barbasch, Content Writer

Many others have made important contributions to Wordsmyth. Thanks go especially to Jean Callahan, who edited the Children's Dictionary, Lynn Broquist, who shouldered the main writing tasks for WILD, and Sarah Kennedy, who kept us going in difficult times, and the many writers and editors who worked on the original dictionary and thesaurus projects.

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