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Dominion Day see "Canada Day."
domino1 one of a set of small, flat game pieces shaped like rectangles, each having a different number of dots on its face. [2 definitions]
don2 to put on; dress oneself in.
donate to give in order to help a charity or other group.
donation the act or an instance of giving or donating. [2 definitions]
done past participle of "do1." [3 definitions]
done for (informal) dying or dead; near death.
done in (informal) very tired; worn out.
donkey a mammal with hooves that is closely related to the horse. Donkeys are smaller than horses and have longer ears. They are sturdy animals used for riding and carrying loads.
donor one who gives, contributes, or donates something. [2 definitions]
don't shortened form of "do not."
donut another spelling of doughnut.
doodle to draw or scribble without purpose. [2 definitions]
doom an event or end that one cannot escape; fate; destiny. [2 definitions]
door an opening through which one enters or leaves a room or building. [3 definitions]
doorbell a bell on an outside door that is rung by a person who wants to be let inside.
doorknob a rounded handle or knob used to open and close a door.
doorstep a step or series of steps leading up to an outside door.
doorway the way of entrance into a room or building.
dope a product that is used to protect and strengthen fabric or paper, as on balloons or model airplane wings. [4 definitions]
dormant asleep, or in a state of rest that is similar to sleep. [2 definitions]