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Mn symbol of the chemical element manganese.
MN abbreviation of "Minnesota."
MO abbreviation of "Missouri."
mo. abbreviation of "month."
moan a long, low sound of pain, grief, or sorrow. [3 definitions]
moat a deep ditch dug around a castle, fort, or town for protection against enemies. Moats are usually filled with water.
mob a large crowd of angry or excited people. [4 definitions]
mobile able to move or be moved easily from one place or position to another. [3 definitions]
mobile home a house or trailer that can be moved but is often placed in one location for a long time.
moccasin a soft leather shoe or slipper without a heel. Moccasins were first made and worn by American Indians.
mock to make fun of in a mean way. [3 definitions]
mockingbird a gray and white North American songbird. It has many different calls and can also copy the sounds that other birds make.
mode1 a way of doing something.
model an example that should be copied or an ideal that others are compared to. [10 definitions]
modem an electronic device that allows information to be sent from or to a computer using telephone lines or other lines of communication.
moderate not too much or too little; within limits. [4 definitions]
modern having to do with the present or current times. [2 definitions]
modernize to make modern; bring up to date. [2 definitions]
modest not thinking too highly of oneself; humble. [3 definitions]
modify to change in some way; alter. [3 definitions]
module a part of a device or machine that can be separated from the main section. [2 definitions]