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Venezuela a country in northern South America. Caracas is the capital of Venezuela.
Venice a city in Italy. Venice is built on many small islands.
venom the poison that certain snakes, insects, scorpions, and other animals produce. Venom is put into prey by biting or stinging.
venomous producing a fluid, called venom, that is a poison to humans and animals. A venomous animal, such as a venomous snake or scorpion, produces venom that the animal can put into another animal or human with its bite or sting.
vent an opening through which a gas or vapor can enter, pass through, or exit. [3 definitions]
ventilation the circulation of air, or change of air.
ventricle either of the two lower compartments of the heart. Ventricles receive blood from the upper compartments, called atria, and pump it to the lungs and throughout the body.
ventriloquism the skill or act of speaking without moving the lips so that the voice seems to come from a source other than the speaker.
venture an activity or undertaking in which there is risk or the result is not certain. [3 definitions]
Venus the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology. In Greek mythology, Venus is called Aphrodite. [2 definitions]
veranda a large, open porch attached to a house. Verandas have roofs and are used for social activities.
verb a word that expresses a state of being or an action. Verbs usually have different forms to express tense, voice, mood, and number. "Read," "blew," "drives," "seemed," and "skip" are examples of verbs.
verbal having to do with words. [2 definitions]
verdict the decision of a judge or jury in a law case. [2 definitions]
verge the border or edge of something. [4 definitions]
verify to make sure of the truth or correctness of.
vermilion the color that comes from mixing bright red and a small amount of orange paint.
vermin an animal that causes harm or damage or is difficult to control; pest. Rats and cockroaches are thought of as vermin.
Vermont a state in the northeastern United States. Its capital is Montpelier. (abbreviated: VT)
versatile able to do many different things well. [2 definitions]
verse1 poetry or a poem. [3 definitions]