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yak1 a large, heavy mammal with long hair. Yaks are closely related to cattle. They live in Tibet and Central Asia. People raise yaks to carry loads and for their milk, fur, and leather. Very few yaks are left in the wild.
yam the root of a tropical climbing plant, or the plant itself. The root is eaten as a cooked vegetable. [2 definitions]
Yangtze River an older name for the Chang Jiang River, a major river that flows across central China.
yank (informal) to pull or take out suddenly; jerk. [2 definitions]
Yankee a person who was born or lives in New England. [3 definitions]
yap to bark with sharp, high sounds. [3 definitions]
yard1 a unit of length equal to three feet or 0.9144 meters. (abbreviated: yd.) [2 definitions]
yard2 an open area next to a house or other building. [2 definitions]
yardstick a measuring stick three feet long. [2 definitions]
yarn a strand of twisted fibers made from silk, cotton, wool, or other materials and used for knitting or weaving. [2 definitions]
yawn to open the mouth wide while breathing in deeply. Yawning can show tiredness or boredom. [3 definitions]
yd. abbreviation of "yard," or "yards."
ye1 you. Ye was in common use during the Middle Ages, but today is used mainly in religious and literary writings.
ye2 the. Ye is a misreading of an old spelling of "the" in which the letter for the "th" sound looked like a "y." When stores today put "ye" on their signs, they do so in order to look old-fashioned.
yeah (informal) yes.
year a unit of time equal to 365 days or, every fourth year, 366 days, from January through December; twelve months. (abbreviated: yr.) [4 definitions]
yearly happening once a year or every year. [3 definitions]
year-round throughout the entire year.
yeast tiny, single cells of certain fungi that are used to make bread, alcohol, and some medicines.
yell to scream out loudly, as in pain, anger, fear, surprise, or excitement. [2 definitions]
yellow the color of an egg yolk or ripe lemon; the color between orange and green on the color spectrum. [3 definitions]