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yellow jacket a wasp or hornet that has a black body with bright yellow markings. Yellow jackets live together in large groups in nests close to or under the ground.
yellow pages the part of a telephone book that gives the telephone numbers and addresses of businesses. The yellow pages also shows advertisements for businesses that pay for them.
Yellow River a major river that begins in the mountains of western China and flows mostly eastward to the sea. It is also called the Huang He River.
yelp to cry out or bark quickly and sharply. [2 definitions]
Yemen a Middle Eastern country that borders Saudi Arabia and Oman. Yemen is at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. The capital of Yemen is Sana'a.
yen1 the main unit of money in Japan.
yen2 (informal) a yearning or desire.
Yenisei River a major river, located primarily in Russia. It begins in the mountains of Mongolia, flows north through Siberia, and empties into the Arctic Ocean.
yes it is as you say or ask (used to express agreement or acceptance). [4 definitions]
yesterday on the day before today. [2 definitions]
yet so far; at this time. [6 definitions]
yew an evergreen tree or shrub that has sharp, flat needles and poisonous red berries. [2 definitions]
yield to give forth or produce. [5 definitions]
YMCA a national organization that provides sports programs and other recreational activities for young people. "YMCA" is an abbreviation of "Young Men's Christian Association."
yodel to sing or call out with quick changes of the voice so that sounds range in an instant from low or medium pitch, with sounds coming from the chest, to very high pitch. Yodeling is popular among the mountain people of the Alps. [2 definitions]
yoga (often capitalized) a Hindu practice made up of a system of physical and mental exercises that free the self from the body and mind to find spiritual peace.
yogurt a soft food that is made from sour milk and often flavored or sweetened with fruit.
yoke a device used to join together a pair of work animals. A yoke is made up of a wooden bar with two U-shaped ends that fit around the animals' heads. [3 definitions]
yolk the yellow part of an egg. The yolk feeds the baby bird until it is hatched. People use egg yolks in many food dishes.
Yom Kippur the holiest day in the Jewish religion, observed by praying, not eating, and asking forgiveness for sins. Yom Kippur comes ten days after Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish year.
yonder (informal) somewhat distant, but within sight. [2 definitions]