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adhere to stick or cling firmly (usually followed by "to"). [2 definitions]
adhesive able or likely to stick to something; clinging. [2 definitions]
a dime a dozen (informal) plentiful and easy to get; common; cheap.
adios a word that means "good-bye" in Spanish.
adjacent near or next to.
adjective a word that describes or modifies a noun or pronoun. In the sentence, "It was a hard test," the word "hard" is an adjective.
adjoin to be next to; border on.
adjoining being side by side, or touching.
adjourn to stop the process of a formal meeting or court session, often with the intention of starting again at another time.
adjust to bring to a better state or position; make fit. [3 definitions]
adjustment the act or process of changing or fixing something.
ad-lib to make up as one goes along; say or do something without practice or planning. [2 definitions]
administer to manage, take care of, or be in charge of. [3 definitions]
administration the act of being in charge of or managing something. [3 definitions]
administrator a person who manages, especially in business or public affairs.
admirable very good; worthy of praise; deserving of being admired.
admiral an officer in the United States Navy of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet of ships or military unit.
admiration a feeling of wonder, awe, or deep respect.
admire to have a high opinion of; respect. [2 definitions]
admirer a person who has great appreciation for another person or thing. [2 definitions]
admission the act, process, or result of allowing to enter. [3 definitions]