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abnormal not normal or usual.
aboard on or into a ship, plane, bus, or plane; on board. [2 definitions]
abolish to get rid of or do away with; end.
abolition the act of abolishing. [2 definitions]
abolitionist a person who supported Abolition, or the ending of slavery, before the Civil War.
abominable causing or deserving hate or disgust.
aborigine one of the first people to live in an area.
abound to be found in large numbers or amounts.
about concerning. [8 definitions]
about to ready to; shortly going to.
above at or to a higher place. [5 definitions]
aboveboard openly and without tricks or lies; honest.
abrasive something rough used to wear away or polish a surface. [2 definitions]
abreast side by side. [2 definitions]
abridge to make shorter.
abroad in or to a country that is not one's own.
abrupt sudden and not expected. [2 definitions]
abscess a sore that forms within the tissues of the body and is filled with pus. Abscesses can be caused by an infection.
absence the fact or condition of being away or not present. [3 definitions]
absent not present; away from where one usually is.
absentee a person who is absent from work, school, or other duty.