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absorb to take in or soak up. [2 definitions]
absorbent able to soak up liquid or moisture. [2 definitions]
absorption the act of soaking up or absorbing. [2 definitions]
abstain to choose not to do something. [2 definitions]
abstract existing without physical shape or substance. [3 definitions]
absurd not at all logical; impossible to be true; ridiculous. [2 definitions]
absurdity the condition or quality of being absurd, of being completely contrary to logic or the normal order of things. [2 definitions]
abundance a very large amount; plentiful supply.
abundant large in amount or number; more than enough.
abuse to use in a way that is wrong or bad; misuse. [6 definitions]
abyss a vast pit, too deep to be measured.
acacia a tree that grows in tropical areas of the world, especially in parts of Africa and Australia. The branches of an acacia spread out very wide and evenly across the top. Sometimes the top of the tree looks almost flat.
academic having to do with a school. [3 definitions]
academy a private school or a school that offers special training.
accelerate to increase the speed or rate of. [2 definitions]
acceleration the act or process of accelerating or increasing speed.
accelerator a mechanical device that controls the speed of something, especially the gas pedal of a car.
accent the stress a speaker gives to one syllable in a word. [5 definitions]
accentuate to give more emphasis to; draw attention to.
accept to take when given; receive willingly. [4 definitions]
acceptable good enough to be accepted or approved of.