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accelerate to increase the speed or rate of. [2 definitions]
acceleration the act or process of accelerating or increasing speed.
accelerator a mechanical device that controls the speed of something, especially the gas pedal of a car.
accent the stress a speaker gives to one syllable in a word. [5 definitions]
accentuate to give more emphasis to; draw attention to.
accept to take when given; receive willingly. [4 definitions]
acceptable good enough to be accepted or approved of.
acceptance the act of accepting something that is given. [2 definitions]
accepted generally considered correct or normal. [2 definitions]
access a way of approaching or coming to a place. [4 definitions]
accessible able to be entered. [2 definitions]
accessory an item added on to something else to make it prettier, more complete, or more useful. [2 definitions]
accident reasons or causes that are not planned by anyone. [2 definitions]
accidental happening by chance; not planned or expected.
accidentally without intention or planning.
acclaim to show enthusiastic approval of. [2 definitions]
accommodate to have room for. [3 definitions]
accommodation the act or process of accommodating. [2 definitions]
accompaniment a part of a piece of music that supports or provides background for another, more important part. [2 definitions]
accompany to go with. [3 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another person break the law or do something wrong.