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accommodate to have room for. [3 definitions]
accommodation the act or process of accommodating. [2 definitions]
accompaniment a part of a piece of music that supports or provides background for another, more important part. [2 definitions]
accompany to go with. [3 definitions]
accomplice a person who helps another person break the law or do something wrong.
accomplish to do or complete; carry out; achieve. [2 definitions]
accomplishment the act of accomplishing. [2 definitions]
accord agreement; harmony. [4 definitions]
accordance agreement.
according to in agreement with or consistent with. [2 definitions]
accordion a musical instrument with a keyboard that is small enough to carry. An accordion is played by pressing the keys and squeezing the bellows to force air through metal reeds.
account a story or report. [6 definitions]
accountant a person who checks and takes care of business records or accounts.
accumulate to pile up, collect, or gather. [2 definitions]
accumulation the act of accumulating; piling up. [2 definitions]
accuracy the condition of being accurate.
accurate free of mistakes or error. [2 definitions]
accurately correctly or precisely; without making any mistakes.
accusation a statement that another person is guilty of a crime or error.
accuse to blame for or charge with a crime or something wrong.
accustom to cause (oneself or another) to become used to something over time.