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adjustment the act or process of changing or fixing something.
ad-lib to make up as one goes along; say or do something without practice or planning. [2 definitions]
administer to manage, take care of, or be in charge of. [3 definitions]
administration the act of being in charge of or managing something. [3 definitions]
administrator a person who manages, especially in business or public affairs.
admirable very good; worthy of praise; deserving of being admired.
admiral an officer in the United States Navy of the highest rank; the commander of a fleet of ships or military unit.
admiration a feeling of wonder, awe, or deep respect.
admire to have a high opinion of; respect. [2 definitions]
admirer a person who has great appreciation for another person or thing. [2 definitions]
admission the act, process, or result of allowing to enter. [3 definitions]
admit to let in; allow to enter. [2 definitions]
admittance permission to enter; right of entry.
admonish to warn or caution. [2 definitions]
adobe a building material of clay mixed with straw that has been dried by the sun and made into bricks. [2 definitions]
adolescence the period in a person's life between childhood and adulthood.
adolescent having to do with the period when a person is changing from a child to an adult. [2 definitions]
adopt to become a parent of (a child) by law, or to accept an animal as a pet and become responsible for it. [3 definitions]
adoption the act of adopting a child or being adopted by law.
adorable very cute or charming.
adore to honor and worship for being divine. [3 definitions]