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admonish to warn or caution. [2 definitions]
adobe a building material of clay mixed with straw that has been dried by the sun and made into bricks. [2 definitions]
adolescence the period in a person's life between childhood and adulthood.
adolescent having to do with the period when a person is changing from a child to an adult. [2 definitions]
adopt to become a parent of (a child) by law, or to accept an animal as a pet and become responsible for it. [3 definitions]
adoption the act of adopting a child or being adopted by law.
adorable very cute or charming.
adore to honor and worship for being divine. [3 definitions]
adorn to add beauty to; decorate.
Adriatic Sea the part of the Mediterranean Sea that lies between Italy on the west and the Balkan Peninsula on the east. Some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula that lie on the Adriatic Sea are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.
adrift moving or floating without being steered; drifting; not anchored. [2 definitions]
a drop in the bucket a small amount compared to what is needed.
adult having grown up; mature. [4 definitions]
adulthood the part of life when a person is grown up; the adult years.
advance to move or send forward. [8 definitions]
advanced beyond an early or beginning level, or beyond the level of others; in a very developed state. [2 definitions]
advancement a moving forward or being moved forward; progress. [2 definitions]
advantage a better chance or position; upper hand. [2 definitions]
advantageous giving a benefit or advantage; helpful; useful.
adventure a journey or activity that is dangerous or exciting. [2 definitions]
adventurous willing to take risks in order to find excitement; daring. [2 definitions]