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amateur one who does something only for enjoyment rather than for money. [3 definitions]
amaze to surprise greatly or fill with wonder; astonish.
amazement wonder; great surprise.
amazing causing great surprise or wonder.
Amazon the longest river in South America. It flows from the Andes mountains in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean. [2 definitions]
Amazon River a major river of South America that flows from the Andes Mountains in Peru across northern Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.
ambassador a person who is sent by the government of one country to be its official representative in another country. [3 definitions]
amber a hard, yellow or brown material that is used to make jewelry. It is a fossil that comes from the resin of pine trees. [2 definitions]
ambidextrous able to use both the left and right hands with equal skill.
ambiguous having more than one possible meaning.
ambition a strong desire to become famous, rich, or to reach a goal. [2 definitions]
ambitious having or showing a strong desire to succeed; having ambition. [2 definitions]
amble to walk at a slow, easy pace.
ambulance a vehicle used to carry ill or injured people to a hospital.
ambush a surprise attack made from a hidden place. [3 definitions]
ameba another spelling of amoeba.
amen a word used at the end of a prayer or statement to mean "may it be so."
amend to change or add to a law, contract, or other document.
amendment an official change made to a bill, law, or other document.
amends (used with a singular or plural verb) something given or paid to make up for a wrong done to a person or group.
America the United States. [3 definitions]