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anemometer an instrument that measures the speed and force of the wind.
anemone a type of plant related to the buttercup that has large white, blue, purple, or red flowers.
anesthesia absence of pain or other feeling in the body. [2 definitions]
anesthetic a drug that causes numbness in the body or loss of consciousness.
anesthetist a person, usually a doctor or nurse, trained to give gas or drugs that cause lack of sensation or loss of consciousness.
anew once more; again.
angel a spiritual being who acts as a servant or messenger of God. Angels are often represented as human figures with wings and a halo. [2 definitions]
anger a strong emotion brought on by a person or thing that causes one great pain or trouble. [3 definitions]
angle1 the figure made by two lines coming from a single point. [4 definitions]
angler a person who fishes with hook and line, usually for sport.
Angola a country on the western coast of Africa. Luanda is the capital of Angola.
Angora any of various animals that have long silky hair, such as a cat, rabbit, or goat. [3 definitions]
angry feeling or showing anger (often followed by "at" or "with"). [3 definitions]
anguish terrible pain or suffering of the mind or body.
angular made up of, having, or forming one or more angles. [2 definitions]
animal one of a large group of living things that can move around by themselves to find food. Animals eat plants, funguses, or other animals. Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals, insects, snails, and worms are some of the major kinds of animals. [2 definitions]
animal rights a movement that works for the rights of animals. People in favor of animal rights believe that animals should not be hurt or killed just to make the lives of humans easier.
animate to bring to life. [6 definitions]
animated full of activity, spirit, or excitement. [3 definitions]
animated cartoon a motion picture made by photographing a series of drawings showing stages of movement. The motion seems real when the drawings are shown quickly one after another.
animator a person who creates or helps to create animated cartoons.