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announce to make known; declare.
announcement a public or formal statement. [2 definitions]
announcer a person who presents programs or reads advertisements on radio or television.
annoy to bother or disturb with irritating behavior.
annoyance the act of disturbing or irritating. [3 definitions]
annoyed feeling somewhat angry or irritated.
annual happening once every year. [3 definitions]
annually once a year; yearly.
annual ring one of the rings of wood on the inside of a tree that can be seen when the tree is cut into logs. Each ring represents a year of growth.
annul to make (a legal action or contract) no longer valid under the law.
anoint to honor or make holy by applying oil as part of a religious ceremony.
anonymous having an unknown name or identity. [2 definitions]
another being one more just like the others; an additional. [4 definitions]
answer a reply. [7 definitions]
answering machine a device connected to a telephone that records an incoming message from a caller when the telephone is not answered.
-ant a suffix that means causing or doing an action. [3 definitions]
ant an insect that lives in large, organized groups called colonies. Most kinds of ants live in or on the ground. Ants are related to bees and wasps.
antacid a substance people take to settle an upset stomach. Antacids work by reducing the strength of the acids that cause the upset.
antagonism a state of being enemies, or a strong feeling against someone or something.
antagonist a person who fights against another; an enemy or competitor. [2 definitions]
antagonize to make an enemy of.