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Apollo the god of light, music, poetry, and healing in Greek and Roman mythology. Apollo was also the god of prophecy. People travelled to his shrine at Delphi to ask questions about future events.
apologetic expressing or wanting to express regret, as for an error or an offense.
apologize to say that one is sorry.
apology a statement that one is sorry for something.
apostle (sometimes capitalized) one of the first twelve disciples of Jesus Christ.
apostrophe1 a punctuation mark ('). It is used to show where one or more letters or numbers have been left out. "Wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987" use apostrophes this way. [3 definitions]
appal another spelling of appall.
Appalachia a region in the United States that stretches from southwestern Pennsylvania to northwestern Georgia and includes the southern Appalachian Mountains.
Appalachian Mountains a mountain range in eastern North America that stretches from the southeastern part of Canada to central Alabama in the United States; Appalachians.
appall to cause to feel shock or horror.
apparatus tools or equipment made for a particular task.
apparel clothing.
apparent easily seen or plain. [3 definitions]
appeal an earnest request for help. [6 definitions]
appear to come into view; become visible. [3 definitions]
appearance the act or an instance of coming into view or appearing. [4 definitions]
appease to cause to become calmer by meeting demands. [2 definitions]
appendicitis a painful infection of the appendix.
appendix a section at the end of a book or magazine article that gives more information. [2 definitions]
appetite a desire to eat. [2 definitions]
appetizer a small amount of food or drink served before a meal.