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approach to come or go near to. [6 definitions]
approachable friendly to others; easily approached.
appropriate right for the purpose; proper. [2 definitions]
approval the act of approving. [2 definitions]
approve to consider good or right. [3 definitions]
approximate nearly exact or correct. [4 definitions]
approximately about; almost exactly.
Apr. abbreviation of "April."
apricot a soft round fruit with fuzzy, pale orange skin. [2 definitions]
April the fourth month of the year. April has thirty days.
April Fools' Day the first day of April, when friendly tricks and jokes are played on people.
apron a garment that covers all or part of the front of the body. An apron is worn to protect the clothing underneath.
apt right for a particular situation; appropriate or suitable. [3 definitions]
apt. abbreviation of "apartment."
aptitude ability to learn quickly. [2 definitions]
aqua the color that comes from mixing blue, green, and a small amount of white paint.
aquaculture the farming of plants and animals that live in water.
Aqua-Lung trademark for an underwater breathing device.
aquarium a tank or other container filled with water in which water animals and plants are kept. [2 definitions]
Aquarius a constellation located between Capricorn and Pisces. Aquarius is also called the Water Bearer. [3 definitions]
aquatic of or taking place on the water. [2 definitions]