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archeology another spelling for archaeology.
archer a person who uses a bow and arrow.
archery the sport or practice of shooting with a bow and arrow.
archipelago a group of islands.
architect a person who designs buildings and directs their construction.
architecture the act or process of designing buildings, or the profession of an architect. [2 definitions]
archive a collection of records or information that is stored somewhere. An archive often stores things that go back a long time.
arctic (often capitalized) of or having to do with the region around the North Pole. [3 definitions]
Arctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator which marks the boundary of the Arctic. North of this line there are periods of continuous night in the winter and continuous day in the summer.
Arctic Ocean the ocean that surrounds the North Pole.
-ard a suffix that means one who does something too much or too often.
ardent having or showing very strong feelings such as passion, loyalty, or desire.
are1 a form of the verb be that is present tense and used with the pronouns "you," "we," or "they." It is also used with plural nouns.
area a place or region. [3 definitions]
area code a set of three numbers given to different areas of the United States and Canada for telephone service. An area code must be dialed before the telephone number when calling someone outside a local area.
arena a stage, ring, or other enclosed area where shows or sports events are held. [3 definitions]
aren't shortened form of "are not" and of "am not."
Ares the god of war in Greek mythology. In Roman mythology, Ares is called Mars.
Argentina a country in southern South America. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.
argue to give reasons for or against something. [3 definitions]
argument a discussion by people who disagree. [2 definitions]