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argue to give reasons for or against something. [3 definitions]
argument a discussion by people who disagree. [2 definitions]
arid extremely dry, especially from lack of rainfall.
Aries a constellation located between Pisces and Taurus. Aries is also called the Ram. [3 definitions]
arise to appear; come into being. [3 definitions]
aristocracy a class of people who have a high social position because of the family they are born into. Members of the aristocracy are usually richer and have more privileges than other members of society. [2 definitions]
aristocrat a member of the aristocracy; noble.
arithmetic the method and process of using whole numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
Arizona a state in the southwestern United States. Its capital is Phoenix. (abbreviated: AZ)
ark (sometimes capitalized) in the Bible, the large boat built by Noah to save his family and two of every animal from a flood sent by God. [2 definitions]
Arkansas a state in the south central United States. Its capital is Little Rock. (abbreviated: AR)
arm1 the part of the human body between the shoulder and the wrist. [2 definitions]
arm2 (usually plural) weapons. Guns, knives, and bombs are arms. [3 definitions]
armada a large group of ships armed for battle.
armadillo a mammal whose body is protected by hard, bony plates. Armadillos live in Central and South America, and the southern United States. Some kinds of armadillos are only six inches long; other kinds grow up to four feet in length. They eat mostly insects and are related to sloths and anteaters.
armament (usually plural) the total military power of a country, including weapons and supplies.
armchair a chair having supports at the sides for resting one's arms.
armed forces all the military services of a country.
Armenia a country in southwestern Asia. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia.
armistice an agreement by groups of people or countries at war to stop fighting; truce.
armor a suit made of leather, metal, or other strong material, worn to protect the body during battle. [4 definitions]