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Asian American of or having to do with American people of Asian origin, or their history or culture. [2 definitions]
aside on or toward the side. [3 definitions]
aside from except for; besides.
as if how it would be if.
ask to put a question to. [5 definitions]
askew not straight; crooked. [2 definitions]
asleep sleeping. [3 definitions]
as of beginning on; from.
asparagus a plant related to the lily, whose young shoots are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. The shoots are shaped like spears with scaly leaves at the tip.
ASPCA abbreviation of "American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals," a national organization whose purpose is to take care of lost or stray dogs, cats, and other small animals. This organization tries to find people to adopt these animals as pets.
aspect a part or element. [4 definitions]
aspen a kind of poplar tree with leaves that shake in the slightest breeze.
asphalt a sticky black substance like tar. Asphalt is found naturally or obtained when oil is refined. It is used for making roads and roofs and for making things waterproof. [2 definitions]
aspiration a goal, aim, or ambition.
aspire to want strongly; have as an aim (usually followed by to or after).
aspirin a drug used to take away pain and bring down fever. [2 definitions]
ass a mammal with long legs and hooves that is closely related to the horse. A donkey is a domestic ass. Asses look like horses but are smaller and have longer ears. Wild asses live in Africa and Asia and are in danger of becoming extinct. [2 definitions]
assassin a person who murders for money or for political reasons.
assassinate to murder for pay or for political reasons.
assault a violent physical or verbal attack. [4 definitions]
assemble to gather into a group. [3 definitions]