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assassin a person who murders for money or for political reasons.
assassinate to murder for pay or for political reasons.
assault a violent physical or verbal attack. [4 definitions]
assemble to gather into a group. [3 definitions]
assembly a group of people gathered together, usually for a specific purpose. [4 definitions]
assembly line a way of putting together a product in a factory by moving it along a line of workers. Each worker adds or adjusts a part until the product is finished.
assent to agree (usually followed by "to"). [2 definitions]
assert to state with force or confidence. [2 definitions]
assertive forward or aggressive in speech or action.
assess to look at and try to discover the quality or degree of (something); evaluate; estimate. [3 definitions]
asset something useful or valuable. [2 definitions]
assign to set apart or give out for a particular use. [3 definitions]
assignment an assigned task, such as a job or lesson. [3 definitions]
assimilate of immigrants or the like, to become absorbed into a new cultural group. [3 definitions]
assist to give aid or support to. [2 definitions]
assistance the act of giving aid or support. [2 definitions]
assistant a person who gives help, aid, or assistance.
associate to connect with something else in one's mind. [6 definitions]
association a group of people joined together for a common purpose or by a shared interest. [4 definitions]
associative property in addition and multiplication, the characteristic that allows you to add or multiply a group of numbers in any order and get the same answer. For example, in multiplication, (5 x 2) x 7 is equal to (7 x 2) x 5.
assorted of different kinds or sorts, collected together; variety.