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at once at the same time. [2 definitions]
atone to make up for; make amends.
at one's heels following closely.
atop at or on the highest point of.
at present right now.
at rest not active, not moving, or sleeping.
a trifle a little bit; somewhat; slightly.
atrium a courtyard inside a building, either open to the sky or with a glass ceiling. [2 definitions]
atrocious very evil, cruel, or brutal. [2 definitions]
at sea on the ocean waters. [2 definitions]
at stake in danger of being lost.
attach to join, fasten, or connect. [3 definitions]
attached feeling strong affection for and not wanting to part with.
attachment the act or process of attaching. [3 definitions]
attack to begin to cause harm to. [5 definitions]
attain to gain or achieve through work. [2 definitions]
attempt to try or seek. [3 definitions]
attend to be present at. [4 definitions]
attendance the act of being present at an event. [2 definitions]
attendant a person who serves another person.
attention the concentration of one's mind on something. [4 definitions]