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attempt to try or seek. [3 definitions]
attend to be present at. [4 definitions]
attendance the act of being present at an event. [2 definitions]
attendant a person who serves another person.
attention the concentration of one's mind on something. [4 definitions]
attentive paying close attention. [2 definitions]
attest to show or prove the truth of. [2 definitions]
at the drop of a hat without much cause; easily.
at the end of one's tether at the limit or end of one's strength or ability.
at the mercy of completely in the power of.
at the wheel driving or steering an automobile, ship, or the like.
attic the space in a house directly beneath the roof.
attire to dress up in fancy clothes. [2 definitions]
attitude a way of feeling or thinking about something or someone. [2 definitions]
attorney a person whose job is to give legal advice and to speak for people in court; lawyer.
attract to cause to come near. [2 definitions]
attraction the act or power of attracting. [3 definitions]
attractive having qualities that attract people. [2 definitions]
attribute to view as the result of. [3 definitions]
at war in a state of active fighting or conflict.
Au symbol of the chemical element gold.