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baby a very young girl or boy; infant. [6 definitions]
baby boom the great increase in the population of the United States that took place between 1946 and 1960.
babysit to take care of children while their parents are away.
babysitter a person who takes care of children when their parents are not with them.
baby tooth one of the first set of teeth in human babies and other mammals. Baby teeth fall out early in life to be replaced by adult teeth.
bachelor a man who has not married.
back the part of the body of a human or animal that is on the opposite side from the chest and between the neck and hips. [10 definitions]
back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often many times without stopping.
backboard the board to which a basketball hoop is attached.
backbone the row of bones that runs along the center of the back; spine. [2 definitions]
backfire to give off a loud explosive noise that means the engine of a car or other vehicle is not working properly. [3 definitions]
backgammon a board game played by two people. The players throw dice and move their pieces around and then off the board.
background the part of a picture or scene that is towards the back or seems to be furthest away. [2 definitions]
backhand a tennis stroke that involves a forward movement of the arm with the back of the hand outward.
backhoe a machine that is used for digging. It has a large metal bucket that scoops something up and toward the machine.
back out of to fail to do something that was agreed upon.
backpack a pack used to carry objects on one's back while hiking or walking. [2 definitions]
back road a road that avoids traffic and high speed travel. It is often a small, country road that goes through areas with few houses and buildings.
back seat the seat or seating area behind other seats, especially in a car or other vehicle.
backstroke the arm motion of a swimmer moving along on his or her back.
backward in the direction of or toward the back. [4 definitions]