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baleen the bony, flexible strips in the upper jaws of whales that feed by filtering food from ocean water. These whales use baleen to strain large amounts of small food such as shrimp from the water.
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to go on. [3 definitions]
Balkan Peninsula a European peninsula between the Adriatic Sea on the west and the Black and Aegean Seas on the east. Some of the countries on the Balkan Peninsula are Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
ball1 a round or nearly round object. [3 definitions]
ball2 a large party where there is formal dancing. [2 definitions]
ballad a poem or song that tells a story.
ballast heavy material placed in a boat or ship to make it more stable. [2 definitions]
ball bearing a machine part made of a groove in the shape of a circle with metal balls that roll in it. A ball bearing lets an axle or other part move easily.
ballerina a female ballet dancer.
ballet a form of dance that uses exact, graceful movements. [2 definitions]
ballgame a game played with a ball on a field.
balloon a large bag made of thin material designed to inflate and be lifted off the ground when filled with hot air or a gas that is lighter than air. [3 definitions]
ballot a piece of paper on which people who are voting enter their choices. [3 definitions]
ballpoint a pen that has a small ball in its tip. The ball moves the ink from the pen to the paper.
ballroom a large room used for dancing.
balsa a tree of tropical America, whose wood is very light in weight. [2 definitions]
balsam fir a tree of the pine family, native to Canada and the northeastern United States. It is an evergreen tree and is cut for lumber and Christmas trees.
Baltic Sea a sea in norther Europe that lies between Sweden and Finland. It also borders other countries such as Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
bamboo a tropical grass plant that has hard, woody, hollow stalks. Bamboo stalks grow straight and tall, and very quickly. Many kinds of bamboo grow as high as a tree. [2 definitions]
ban1 to forbid or have an official rule against; prohibit. [2 definitions]
banana a long, curved fruit that has a thick yellow skin. It grows in bunches on a tall tropical plant.