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barrel a round container with a flat top and bottom and bulging sides, often made of wood boards and metal hoops. [4 definitions]
barren not able to produce or support growth. [2 definitions]
barrette a small clip used for holding hair in place.
barricade a structure that is put up quickly for protection or to block the way. [2 definitions]
barrier something that blocks the way such as a fence or wall. [2 definitions]
barrier island a long narrow island that is parallel to the mainland. A barrier island helps protect the shore from being worn away by the action of the ocean's waves.
barrio one of the districts of a town in a Spanish-speaking country. [2 definitions]
barrow1 a flat frame used for carrying a load. A barrow has two handles at each end or handles at one end and a wheel at the other; wheelbarrow.
barter to trade services or things for other services or things without using money. [3 definitions]
basalt a dark, heavy rock that is created by lava flowing from volcanoes.
base1 that on which something stands or rests; foundation. [7 definitions]
base2 of little value when compared to something else. [2 definitions]
baseball a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players each, the object being to score runs by advancing runners around four bases. [2 definitions]
basement the space in a building that is underground or partly underground.
bashful shy with people; timid.
BASIC a beginning computer language. BASIC stands for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code."
basic of, forming, or at the basis; main. [3 definitions]
basin an open, shallow bowl used to hold water for washing. [2 definitions]
basis something that supports and is needed by all the other parts; starting point or foundation.
bask to lie in a warm, calm place.
basket a container made of materials such as wood strips, grass, or straw that are woven or laced together. [3 definitions]