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batch an amount of something or a number of similar things grouped or considered as a whole. [2 definitions]
bath the act of washing or soaking something in order to clean, refresh, or heal. [3 definitions]
bathe to give a bath to; wash. [4 definitions]
bathing suit a garment worn for swimming.
bathrobe a loose garment worn before or after bathing, over pajamas, or for relaxing in the home.
bathroom a room with a toilet and often a sink or bathtub.
bathtub a large tub in which a person can wash.
bat mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a girl becoming an adult and the beginning of her religious duties. The bat mitzvah usually takes place when the girl is thirteen years old.
baton a thin rod or stick used by a conductor in leading an orchestra. [3 definitions]
battalion a large group of soldiers, made up of several companies.
batter1 to beat hard again and again, or to damage by beating. [2 definitions]
batter2 a thick mixture of liquid, flour, eggs, and other ingredients, often baked into bread or cake.
batter3 the person who stands in to bat the ball in baseball, softball, or cricket.
battering ram a heavy beam once used in war to break through doors, walls, or gates.
battery a device that makes electricity by using chemical reactions. Batteries are used to power many things, including cars, flashlights, toys, and watches. [3 definitions]
battle a fight between two armed persons or forces during a war. [4 definitions]
battlefield the area in which a battle takes place.
battleground a battlefield.
battlement (often plural) a wall along the top of a castle, fort, or tower that has openings for people to shoot through.
battleship a large military ship that has heavy armor and large guns.
bawl to cry loudly or strongly; wail. [2 definitions]