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besiege to surround with soldiers in order to attack or capture. [2 definitions]
be sorry to suffer for an action or a choice one has made.
be spoiling for (informal) to be eager for.
best superlative of "good." [6 definitions]
bestow to give as a gift or award (usually followed by "on").
bet to agree to pay if one's guess about some future event is wrong. [4 definitions]
beta the name of the second letter of the Greek alphabet.
betray to help the enemy of; commit treason. [2 definitions]
better comparative of "good." [11 definitions]
better off in a happier or improved condition or situation.
between in the area that separates. [5 definitions]
bet your boots to feel certain.
be up to to be the choice or responsibility of (someone or something); depend on.
beverage any liquid for drinking, except water or medicine.
beware to be careful or wary (often used imperatively).
bewilder to confuse or puzzle.
bewitch to enchant or cast a spell over with magic or as if with magic. [2 definitions]
beyond past the farthest side of; farther on than; later than. [2 definitions]
beyond question without any doubt.
beyond the shadow of a doubt with complete certainty; indeed.
Bhutan an Asian country in the Himalayan mountains that lies between India and China. The capital of Bhutan is Thimphu.