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bear1 to carry. [7 definitions]
bear2 a large furry mammal with a short tail. Bears are omnivorous; they may eat plants, honey, insects, fish, and small mammals. There are several kinds of bears, including black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, and polar bears.
beard the hair growing on a man's face. [2 definitions]
bearing the way a person acts, behaves, stands, or walks. [4 definitions]
bear up to work through something difficult without giving up; endure.
bear with be patient with.
beast any animal other than a human, especially a mammal with four legs. [2 definitions]
beastly of or like a beast in appearance or manner. [2 definitions]
beat to hit again and again. [9 definitions]
beat around the bush to avoid or delay speaking about the most important matter.
beaten used by many people; much traveled. [3 definitions]
beat the tar out of (informal) to beat or whip severely. [2 definitions]
beautiful delightful to see, hear, or experience; lovely to the senses; having beauty.
beautify to make beautiful.
beauty the quality of being pleasant to the senses or beautiful; loveliness. [2 definitions]
beaver1 a large rodent, up to four feet long, with thick brown fur and a wide flat tail. Beavers use their long front teeth to cut down trees for food and to build dams and lodges (beaver houses). They use the dams to keep water around their lodges. Beavers live in North America, Europe, and Asia.
became past tense of become.
because for the reason that.
beckon to signal to come using a motion of the head or hands.
become to grow or come to be. [3 definitions]
become of to happen to; to be the result of.