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bedpan a shallow pan used as a toilet by a person who cannot get out of bed.
bedraggled dirty, wet, or limp from having wandered or been dragged through mud and water. [2 definitions]
bedrock the solid layer of rock in the earth's surface, found beneath soil, sand, or gravel.
bedroom a room used for sleeping.
bedside the space beside a bed, especially of a sick person. [2 definitions]
bedspread a covering for a bed.
bedtime the usual time when a person goes to bed or is supposed to go to bed.
bee an insect with a hairy body, four wings, and sometimes a stinger. Some kinds of bees live in social groups, and some live alone. Many bees drink nectar from flowers.
beech a tree that has smooth, gray bark and nuts that people can eat.
beef meat from a cow or steer. [2 definitions]
beefsteak a slice of beef for frying or broiling.
beehive a shelter in which bees live. [2 definitions]
beekeeper one who raises bees.
been past participle of "be."
beep a short, high sound that serves as a signal. A beep is made by an electronic device or a car horn. [3 definitions]
beer an alcoholic drink made of hops and malt. [2 definitions]
beeswax the wax made by bees in building their honeycombs.
beet a plant whose leaves and fleshy dark red root can be eaten.
beetle1 an insect with a pair of hard front wings that covers a pair of thin wings. There are many different kinds of beetles. Japanese beetles, ladybugs, and fireflies are beetles.
befall to take place; happen. [2 definitions]
before at an earlier time; in the past. [6 definitions]