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blemish to damage or spoil the perfection of. [3 definitions]
blend to mix enough so that there no longer seem to be separate parts or ingredients. [4 definitions]
blender a machine used to prepare liquid foods by chopping and mixing at high speeds.
bless to make holy by religious ritual. [3 definitions]
blessing an act of one who blesses, or the words spoken as part of such an act. [3 definitions]
blew past tense of "blow2."
blight a plant disease that destroys parts or all of a plant. [3 definitions]
blimp an aircraft that holds its shape and flies because it is filled with a gas that is lighter than air; dirigible.
blind not able to see; having no sight. [7 definitions]
blind as a bat barely able to see.
blindfold to cover the eyes with a strip of cloth or bandage. [2 definitions]
blink to close and open the eyes very quickly. [2 definitions]
blinker a flashing light, especially one used on a car to signal that the car will turn and to show which way it will turn.
bliss very great happiness.
blister a swollen area of skin that is filled with liquid. A blister is caused by a burn or other injury. [4 definitions]
blizzard a heavy snowstorm that lasts for a long time.
bloat to make swollen or too full of air, water, or food.
blob a soft mass that does not have a fixed or solid shape.
block a solid piece of hard material, such as wood or concrete, with flat sides. [9 definitions]
blockade the shutting off of traffic into and out of a place. Military forces do this to seaports or cities during wars. [2 definitions]
blockhouse a fort or building with openings for weapons to fire through, formerly built of heavy wood boards. [2 definitions]