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bob1 to make a quick or jerky movement up and down.
bob2 a style of short haircut for women and children. [4 definitions]
bobbin a spool on which thread or yarn is wound for use in sewing or weaving.
bobcat a wild cat with red-brown fur, tufted ears, and a short tail. Bobcats are about twice the size of a house cat. They are a kind of lynx and live in southern Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Bobcats are carnivorous mammals.
bobolink a black, yellow, and white North American songbird that is named for its cry. Bobolinks move from one region to another during certain times of the year.
bobsled a long racing sled with two separate sets of runners, a steering wheel, and brakes. [2 definitions]
bobwhite a brown and white North American bird that is named for its call. Bobwhites are a kind of quail.
bode1 to serve as a sign about the future; show ahead of time.
bodily of or relating to the human body.
body all the physical material that makes up a person or animal, including limbs, organs, tissue, and other parts. [5 definitions]
bodyguard a person whose job is to protect another person or a group of people from harm.
bog an area of soft, wet earth; marsh. [2 definitions]
boil1 to change from a liquid to a gas by heating. [5 definitions]
boil2 a swollen, painful sore that is filled with pus. A boil is an infection caused by bacteria.
boil down to decrease something by boiling. [2 definitions]
boiler a tank used to heat and store a supply of water.
boiling point the temperature at which a liquid starts to boil. [2 definitions]
boil over to boil until the liquid flows out of a container.
bold brave; daring. [5 definitions]
Bolivia a country in western South America. La Paz is the capital of Bolivia.
boll the seed pod of plants, such as cotton.