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bologna a sausage made of several meats and spices.
bolster a pillow shaped like a cylinder. [2 definitions]
bolt1 a metal or wooden bar on a door that slides into an opening in the frame. When the bolt is inserted into the frame, the door stays closed. [8 definitions]
bolt upright in a stiff, highly alert position.
bomb a metal shell filled with explosives. A bomb destroys a target by being thrown at or dropped on it. [4 definitions]
bombard to attack with bombs, cannon fire, or artillery. [2 definitions]
Bombay the former name of a capital city of a state in India, on the west central coast. Bombay is now called Mumbai.
bomber a plane used in war to carry and drop bombs. [2 definitions]
bond something that joins, ties, or fastens together. [4 definitions]
bondage the condition of being forced to serve another; slavery.
bone the hard tissue that forms the skeleton of a person or animal. [2 definitions]
bonfire a large fire built outside for celebration or warmth.
bongo1 an African antelope that is reddish brown with white stripes and has spiral-shaped horns.
bongo2 a small drum played with the fingers. Bongos come in connected pairs.
bonnet a cloth hat that is fastened beneath the chin with ribbons. Bonnets were once worn by women but are now worn mainly by babies. [2 definitions]
bonus a payment added to a person's regular pay as a reward for hard work.
bony having to do with or looking like bone. [3 definitions]
boo a word used to express dislike. [4 definitions]
book sheets of paper bound together between two covers. These pages can be blank or can have writing, printing, or pictures on them. [3 definitions]
bookcase a set of shelves for holding books.
bookkeeper the person who keeps the financial records for a business.