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bonnet a cloth hat that is fastened beneath the chin with ribbons. Bonnets were once worn by women but are now worn mainly by babies. [2 definitions]
bonus a payment added to a person's regular pay as a reward for hard work.
bony having to do with or looking like bone. [3 definitions]
boo a word used to express dislike. [4 definitions]
book sheets of paper bound together between two covers. These pages can be blank or can have writing, printing, or pictures on them. [3 definitions]
bookcase a set of shelves for holding books.
bookkeeper the person who keeps the financial records for a business.
bookkeeping the practice of keeping records of the money taken in and paid out by a business.
booklet a small book with paper covers; pamphlet.
bookmark a strip of leather, ribbon, or paper placed between pages to mark a place in a book.
bookmobile a library located in a bus or van. A bookmobile travels from place to place to lend books.
bookshelf a shelf for books.
bookstore A bookstore is a store that sells mainly books.
bookworm a person who loves to study and read books. [2 definitions]
boom1 to make a deep, hollow noise. [4 definitions]
boom2 a long pole that stretches the bottom of a boat's sail and holds it in place. [2 definitions]
boomerang a curved wooden stick that can be thrown so that it will return to the thrower. Boomerangs are used as hunting weapons by Australian aborigines.
boon1 something that is a help or benefit.
boost to raise to a higher position by pushing from below. [5 definitions]
booster shot an injection of a vaccine given at some time after the first injection. A booster shot continues the protection against disease begun by the earlier injection.
boot a covering for the foot and all or some of the leg. Boots are usually made of leather or rubber. [4 definitions]